Pharmacophore Recombination Technology

Chemgenx’s proprietary Pharmacophore Recombination Technology allows us to construct targeted small molecule compound libraries with enhanced probability of producing quality leads for the intended biological target. It also provides an advantage for us on working to optimize existing leads for the desirable potency and ADMET profiles.
The Company has acumulated a large array of drug-like building blocks and intermediates to be incorporated into customer's libraries. We also build compound libraries to customer's specifications with a high degree of accuracy and quality.


Analytical Chemistry and Instrumentation
Our working knowledge in analytical chemistry and our instruments of GC, GC-MS, HPLC, LC-MS, etc, allow us to provide analytical services to our customers at very reasonable prices with attention to details and individual needs. For example, applying ion chromatography performed by suppressed conductivity for optimum detection limits, we recently developed analytical protocols of measuring the percentage of organic and inorganic salts present in an organc compound, such as the amount of TFA in a basic compound purified by Prep-HPLC with a TFA containing mobile phase. 


Biotransformation and Biocatalysis

Our capacity of performing enzyme or microbial catalyzed synthetic organic transformations sets us apart from other custom synthesis vendors. The technology allows us to produce a series of chiral building blocks at large scale and lower cost, as well as to carry out highly selective organic transformations on complex molecules and natural products at mini-scale.
Chemgenx maintains a library of enzymes with a wide range of catalytic capabilities


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