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Welcome to Chemgenx LLC., We provide custom synthesis and analytical services with experience and expertise in medicinal chemistry, chemical process development, biotransformation, biocatalysis and isolation, purification and structural identification of metabolites or natural products.

Specializing in the synthesis of heterocycles and chiral building blocks such as unnatural amino acids and hydroxycarboxylic acids, we perform custom synthesis from mg to kg scale. We also build both proprietary and customer specified targeted small molecule libraries of the highest quality. Our experience in chemical process development and multi-step organic synthesis allows us to perform long sequences of synthesis at a practical scale.

To ensure the quality of our products, we maintain a sophisticated analytical instrumentation system and have expertise in analysing a wide variety of compounds, from volatile essential oils to inorganic salts, from small molecular mixtures to peptides and proteins. We are have recently established a service for meassuring the amount of organic and inorganic salt present in organic samples such as pharmaceutical ingredients, intermediate or finshed products.

As a specialized contract research & development company, we are uniquely positioned to provide support services to pharmaceuticals, fine chemical suppliers as well as the larger contract research organizations. Along with our R&D laboratory near Princeton, we are also supported by a joint venture in Shanghai, China, where we perform a variety of laboratory syntheses, as well as source and produce cost sensitive reagents and intermediates of larger quantities.

If your requirements call for the construction of a small molecule library targeted on a specific enzyme / receptor, or if a few grams or kilograms is needed for a reagent, building block or a potential drug candidate – let us show you how Chemgenx can put its unique technology platform at your service. Our uncompromising commitment for total quality supported by a rapid turnaround time on each and every order means that all our customers will always get what they want - when they want it!

Chemgenx LLC.

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